Hypnotherapy of The Sun

     Hypnotherapy of The Sun is an alternative curative healing service dedicated to the healing and empowerment of all, using methods of therapeutic hypnosis for the benefit of the individual's mind and overall well-being.

     Hypnotherapy of The Sun believes that if anyone is to engage with any area of their life easily and effectively, that individual must develop themselves from within first in-relation to what they are engaging with. Sure, any individual can try to make change out in their life without working on themselves first but how much time and effort must be exerted to elicit that change? Wouldn't that time and effort be cut down if the person had a better mindset when going after making this change? The mindset change can range from an individual having new thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and an overall new mental and emotional response to the world around, especially to whatever area of life that individual wants change in. With hypnotherapy, anybody can bring about their own personal design of a better quality mindset, allowing your individuality to be expressed and be more in-harmony with the rest of the world.

     Hypnotherapy of The Sun is dedicated to healing and empowerment of all through the natural methods of therapeutic hypnosis. The methods are easy, relaxing, practical, and can quickly make change at the heart of the matter, all depending on how much the individual wants their change to manifest, right here, right now.

Farzin Mofidi C.Ht. (Head of Hypnotherapy of the sun)

     Farzin Mofidi has been helping many individuals heal and empower themselves with hypnotherapy since November 2016 when he completed his Hypnotherapy/NLP Certification Course through The Institute for Transpersonal Studies taught by thirty-year hypnotherapist veteran Rainya Dann, CCHt.

     Before then Farzin was a US Soldier serving as a Combat Military Policeman in the USA and a tour of duty overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also has a Bachelor of Science Degree from The Art Institute of CA - Sunnyvale, majoring in Digital Film Video Production.

     Since Farzin was a child, his biggest dream has been to help make the world a better place, no matter what he was doing. Whether he serves in the military or directs movies, Farzin is dedicated to the healing and empowerment of all, just as he has healed from his own pains and found his own internal power to make great change for himself and others.

    Farzin is looking to bring his hypnotherapy services to US Combat Veterans intending to bring a massive healing and empowerment for our nation's heros. Of course, everyone is open to get a hypnotherapy session with Farzin as long as they are ready to make the change they desire for themselves and their life. Farzin assures that change will come no matter what, as long as the individual follow through with the direction of the hypnotherapist and what their own heart and mind wants truly deep down.

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Hypnotherapy of The Sun

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

     Hypnosis is the process of our mind to learn anything.

     When we learn, our mind is receptive which allows our mind to be more responsive to suggestion and direction, which further allows your mind to be programmed for better response and behavior. This state and process of hypnosis can be used so that an individual can imprint new and improved mental programs of thought, emotion, and behavior into their mind, that will better assist the individual in making the change they desire in their life.

     Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that deals with healing and empowering the individual within the hypnosis state of mind, through practical methods of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) that by its design intends to make changes in the individual's mind. The effect of these NLP methods upon the mind of the individual as stated before, can range from the individual experiencing a combination of new thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and an overall new response to the world around, especially in whatever area of life the individual intends to make change in.

     It must be said that hypnotherapyisnot a cure to any problems that an individual faces, rather it's a tool to help an individual make the change within themselves. The truth of the matter when it comes to making change is simply whether or not an individual chooses to express the right actions, whether it be quitting smoking or being more confident in whatever you want to experience right here, right now.

     But the mind is designed to carry our past decisions, learned behavior, and habits accumulated through many past repetitions of certain actions, so it isn't always easy to make change, as the saying going, "Old habits die hard." But with hypnotherapy as a tool, any individual can easily create the space in their minds for the changes they want to manifest fully and most importantly, easily.

     In the end, you as the individual will regain control over your mind naturally and easily, through the simple design of the mind.