wanted to take care of me with my smoking addiction. My location from him was an hour away and I just heard from him about a car of his breaking down after a long road trip to another client’s house. No matter what, he came down to help me. I was never worried about working with him, seeing how confident and caring he was handling this whole hypnotherapy work with me.

​      Farzin really did a lot, and I’m very thankful for all his work.

​     Through the hypnotherapy work we did, I was able to overcome a past issue between me and my dad in-which I believed in the hurtful words he would abuse me with, saying how weak I was all the time. With Farzin’s hypnotherapy work, I could reclaim my inner-strength which aided me incredible with quitting smoking.

​     When it came time for the final part of the hypnotherapy work, I was already ready to take on letting go of this bad habit. With Farzin’s final hypnotherapy session and at-home hypnotherapy work, I was able to completely let-go of smoking cigarettes after 90 days.

​     Through the whole hypnotherapy process, I was able to drop from a pack and a half a day, to 4 cigarettes in 10 days, to two cigarettes in 10 days, and finally nothing at all. I don’t have any cravings pretty much to where I can be around people who smoke and not crave a single cigarette.

     Instead, I’m enjoying a cleaner taste in my mouth, being able to taste food better and even smell better too. I feel like I can also take more deeper breaths which before I would feel short of breath all the time.
     Best of all, my grandson says how he loves that I don’t smell like an ashtray. He can give me a hug and a kiss without wincing. Also I have a much closer relationship with my son and daughter-in-law. It’s incredible to see how the smell of cigarettes can be so off putting to the people around me.
     Overall, I can talk to people better without the smell of smoke and the feeling of it in my body.
     I feel like a different people, feel so much better and healthier, not putting any impurities in my body.
    I have turned 67 recently and I feel now that I have completely let go of smoking cigarettes. Now I can actually live longer. There is a lot of space in my future that isn’t filled with smoke anymore and with that space I know a lot can be created. What will be created, I don’t know.
     Maybe I will find a new husband and have a sex life haha, the possibilities are endless now.
     I’m just glad I can now be closer to my friends and family while having my health recover and rest.
     I highly recommend that if you want to quit smoking cigarettes, hypnotherapy is the practice to take on. 
     But I really recommend you take on hypnotherapy with Farzin. He is a great guy, I know first hand. He’ll take care of you, won’t charge you an arm or a leg, and he’ll drive down for you.
     So if you really want to quit smoking cigarettes in your heart, hypnotherapy will work for you. Farzin will be there for you every step of the way.

     I thank my grandson and God for the empowerment and especially thank Farzin for everything, this whole journey has been a godsend."

​​​Sepano H. - Living Authentically

     "I’ve been aware of hypnotherapy and its relevance/benefits to human performance living for many years. Upon learning of Farzin’s expertise in the field, I knew it would be a great opportunity to seek out his professional help. I personally sought to take it on in order to get further in touch with my authentic self and break certain long-standing limiting beliefs as well as work through old patterns to heal childhood traumas.

     I would say my life was going about the right trajectory, however, there were certain limitations which held me back from living and expressing my best self.

     I had the most intense and profound session during the initial “deletion session”. Farzin guided me into the trance state and from there helped take me back to certain origins were initial traumas occurred. I was able to experience release and reconciliation of these trauma. 
From there we went into the following two session at later dates to then program and “install” desired patterns. Farzin was very in tune with the goals I set and desired state I was looking for. He did a great job creating a customized hypnosis audio script to supplement the continued work.

   I feel a little lighter and more free with myself. There isn’t as much self-resistance as there was in the past. Additionally, and this is even more profound, I am no longer burdened with anger and upset towards certain traumas that I experienced during childhood.

Arlene N. - Raising the head     

     "The reasons for me taking on hypnotherapy was the following reasons: I felt weak. The second reason I wanted to get stronger to move forward in my diet and my weight loss. The next reason was I had a difficult time meeting new people, I was having a difficult time giving speeches in front of a huge crowd. I also had difficulty sleeping in the dark which was really fearful. Lastly, I wanted to feel comfortable making everywhere my home.

     My life before hypnotherapy was very negative. I felt very weak and that’s why I needed this help. Before hypnotherapy I couldn’t have the courage to diet to workout to keep up with my weight loss. I had a difficult time meeting new people and giving speeches in front of a huge crowd. I also was afraid sleeping in the dark. Also I didn’t have the courage to move away from my home to a new city a new place and make that new place my home. 

     My experience in working with hypnotherapy was great. I was using the hypnotherapy five times daily. I was lying down in a position that I was comfortable it was just me and myself and that was just helping my hypnotherapy go by smoothly. The recording given by you Farzin jan helped me a lot. It was helping me in the consciousness to put a language and memory for myself and to visualize that strong, beautiful arlene which arlene is at peace with how strong she really is. The recordings were beautiful. Farzin jan every 10 days you were coaching me through everything. That helped a lot. Your personality is incredible and I had fun working with you through everything.

Lorene S. - Quit Smoking Cigarettes

     "Since I was 10 years old I have been smoking cigarettes almost everyday. I would smoke more and more as time went by to where I would smoke about a pack and a half a day. I wanted to quit smoking many times and sometimes I would do pretty good in staying away. But the craving for smoking a cigarette was too strong for me to resist. I would end up smoking again.
     I simply couldn’t quit on my own. Living my life was like swimming in a dirty toilet bowl.
     At the age of 66 I looked into doing hypnotherapy so that I can finally quit. My body has been weakening faster since I’ve been smoking so much, to the point where I can barley move around on my own. I just needed to do this for my health, to quit this very bad habit that I started at 10 years old.
     Most of all, I wanted to do hypnotherapy and quit smoking cigarettes not just for myself but for my family, my son, my daughter-in-law, and especially my grandson. It would hurt to see my grandson wince at giving me a kiss or a hug, saying that I smelt like an ashtray.
     I contacted Farzin to get my hypnotherapy sessions started. As I talked with him, I felt like he was a good man, sounding very deep and pleasant. I felt it was very nice that Farzin was willing to drive down to my location and deliver the hypnotherapy sessions. I felt like he really

     All I want to say about the hypnosis session is that it was not as subtle as I expected. It was very apparent to me that something was happening, I could feel energies swirling and the state which I was in was obviously different than any other state with which I am familiar.
     After the hypnosis I began to notice subtle changes in my attitude, changes that were directly related to the content in the hypnosis dialogue. Changes in my perspective of my life that served me; whereas, previously they had been stumbling blocks or hurdles to overcome. For example, previously I would get my weekly paycheck at 70% of my normal pay rate and instantly fall to financial stress. After the hypnosis the same paycheck would be met with enthusiasm and feelings of satisfaction and faith that all will be taken care of. Simply put, the hypnosis made it substantially easier for me to choose to make my life easier.
     I would most definitely recommend Hypnotherapy of the Sun to anyone who needs a boost in their right direction. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool for self discovery and empowerment and I had good results with Hypnotherapy of the Sun.
     It’s become very interesting to observe how initially after the hypnosis changes were apparent and could be easily identified, whereas now, months later, they seem to have assimilated into my demeanor."

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​​​Priscilla J. - Journey to Joy

     "I decided to explore hypnotherapy to address my chronic procrastination.

     Before embarking on this hypnotherapy journey, I was plagued with constant self-criticism because I could not live up to my own expectations and potential. I felt disillusioned and frustrated for never following through or completing some initiative and goals which I have undertaken.

     I had never undergone hypnotherapy before so working with my hypnotherapist, Farzin, was the first time. On my initial appointment, Farzin explained precisely how the hypnotherapy session would be conducted and what to expect. He answered all the questions I had and was mindful to ensure that I felt comfortable with the process. Because I had never had hypnotherapy previously, trust was essential for me. From our first meeting, Farzin made me feel comfortable, and I could put my trust in him. With his guidance, I have been able to peel the layers and take a deeper look inside myself and do the necessary work needed to transform my life.

     I can honestly say that I was stunned to start noticing changes almost immediately after my initial hypnotherapy session. The very first thing I noticed was that I was eager and looking forward to getting to my To-Do list every morning! At the end of each day, my heart feels full of a sense of accomplishment. I go to bed, patting myself on the back and celebrating my efforts instead of the negative verbal and mental flagellations which marked my days' end in the past.  Most remarkedly, I have garnered insight into the root causes of my procrastination. I now have a deeper understanding of who I am and why I do what I do.​​

     I can see that there’s more where this came from, I think it was just a great way to kickstart positive changes in the issue I have been working on, and that it can be a valuable tool for changing behavior (and sensitivities) to our advantage.

     You reap what you sow, I found hypnosis works like that, so in a way the return on your effort will work by itself. The hypnotherapist is important since he or she will help guide the effort so that the results occur in the direction you desire.

     I found the concept of hypnotherapy fascinating, because it can help you change what you believe, and that tool can be used to your advantage, for example to get more agency in your daily life by helping you interfere with yourself less. While there may be other ways to do the same thing I found hypnotherapy has some advantages since there’s a mechanistic process to get results."

Anne H. - ​Improving confidence

     "Farzin is a knowledgeable and skilled hypnotherapist.  I came for hypnotherapy because I wanted to improve my confidence.  Farzin took time to learn about my goals and tailor the hypnosis sessions to match specific issues I wanted to work on.  I saw changes that directly related to issues addressed by the hypnosis.  I now feel calmer, more confident, and more aware of how my thoughts affect my personal interactions with others.  I highly recommend hypnosis with Farzin to work on any change and to gain a new perspective on how you can use your thoughts to affect your life."

Will S. - AUthentic fluidity     

     "I was always curious about hypnosis. Hypnotherapy was for me an opportunity to experience it first-hand and in a professional setting. Also I saw it as a way to increase the level of agency I have with my own beliefs.

     Before learning about this, I had heard about the different parts we are composed of, but I was not clear as to how these parts were related, and how the way they are related can be used to our advantage. I took some aspects of myself as “set in stone” when in reality they were maleable.

     I found in Farzin an ally to explore hypnosis; he is very passionate about this subject, and I found he responded in kind when I took my side of the process seriously. Again my primary goal was to explore the subject, but In addition I got real results that improved some aspects of my own behavior, the technique of hypnosis is more effective than I had originally thought.

     In the past, I used to interrupt people a lot. I became better at hushing myself when listening to others. I can now see other people find it easier to talk to me than before, and this in turn made me feel more confident in social situations. In a similar manner, the reverse also happened: I became more receptive to the emotions of others, I can now feel other’s excitement for example. That was a great surprise to me, and further evidence that all is connected somehow.

​     Honestly this new find is very exciting, I find I can make more sense of my life, while at the same time it opens up possibilities. I say this because I now understand better that the parts that make us up are inter-related in a way that can be used to our advantage.

     Since my hypnotherapy, I feel happier and more accomplished. I was able to get some things done in the 30days of hypnotherapy that I had procrastinated for 3 years!!! I am finding that I am not afraid to take on new challenges and jump right in and land on my feet. What I find amazingly peculiar and love is that it registers clearly and prominently on my memory when I have committed to getting something done. It is as though I have now developed a very visual mental To-Do list and can clearly see what has been ticked off as completed or not so that I can course-correct. I LOVE it!!! Additionally, I am finding that I am not afraid to take on new things and am realistic about what I can do. I no longer feel overwhelmed and am setting the appropriate boundaries (yet another unexpected by-product of hypnotherapy).  I now have a better grasp of things that used to frustrate me previously.

     What has been incredible is this sense of feeling that "I can do anything!" and I am excited about the possibility of using hypnotherapy in other areas of my life.

     This has been a life-changing experience for me. I have had a mind-shift, and I see personal rewards beyond the initial goals I had envisioned for myself. Farzin is a highly skilled professional and healer who is kind, very understanding. He is also very insightful and knows how to make people feel comfortable. After having completed my initial sessions, I now feel empowered to go out into the world and begin living the life I had always envisioned for myself but has eluded me for so many years!

     If you are looking for a hypnotherapist, who is insightful and can quickly get to the core of your fundamental issues to provide you with guidance and a tool-kit to healing, I highly recommend Farzin."

Garine S. - Spiritual Joy     

     "The reason why I wanted to try hypnotherapy was that I wanted to gain more energy, and help alleviate things of the past such as trauma, reduce anxiety in general, stress, and tensions that arose throughout some days as well.

     In relation to my reasons for taking hypnotherapy my life was more of me feeling tired, less energy, felt like I needed caffeinated teas and caffeinated beverages to help keep me awake. I would feel exhausted, stressed, having trouble sleeping while keeping the lights open. 

     With hypnotherapy, I felt like I had a space to call my own, where I can distance myself away from the situations that  I was going through in day to day life, felt calmer with the everyday situations that were being thrown at me, and the affirmations of me telling myself "I am free to be me" was so amazing, it had me overcome obstacles that I had been faced with and it gave me the courage to stand up for myself throughout life situations.

​     My hypnotherapist was fantastic he was on point right from the beginning from the interview hypnosis sessions to the deletion and the reinstallation. With the "deletion" process, I liked how none of my memories got deleted and that I can remember things fully however it gave me some room to distance myself from the past time situations and not to feel blocked by trauma or feeling blocked when I meditate by myself alone. I loved the fact how he was very understanding and had everything customized and tailored to the individual's needs;  which in this case it was tailored and customized to my own needs. 

     I feel like this process kick-started me towards healing this separation I have felt for a long time. It's a process...like anything else, it takes time to rewire the brain patterns. But Farzin not only lead the sessions, he also gave me "homework" and checked up on me regularly to see how I was doing and if I was practicing the hypnosis recordings and the affirmations that he and I created together to reinforce the hypnotherapy sessions.

     The transformation is still in progress. I have felt more connected to my heart, to my intuition, and to my emotions. I feel less overwhelmed by them when they are strong, but also more able to "listen" to my feelings than I had before.

     I think I have begun to heal old patterns that had been established when I was young, and got reinforced over the years, until I didn't even realize the effect it was having on my life, until I had some crisis happen...and then, I was forced to look at these things, and the hypnotherapy helped me move through these issues.

​     I feel more connected to myself. I feel more "whole" as a person. I feel like I have more connection to my intuition, that I trust myself more than I did before, and I depend less on external influences. which I had relied on way too much in the past. I feel stronger and more able to take charge of my life.

​    I see that I can be who I am, without making excuses. I see that I can follow my heart, even if it's not telling me the rational thing to do.

    I would highly recommend hypnotherapy, and especially working with Farzin. I think hypnotherapy can get to the deep root of the issues, and working with such a dedicated and compassionate practitioner like Farzin made the process even more effective.

​    I wasn't sure how this would go, in the beginning. I didn't read too much about it, I just jumped in and trusted the process...and felt that even if I didn't get results, it would be an interesting experience! I was most surprised about the hypnotherapy sessions themselves. i expected that I might not remember things that happened during the session, or that I wouldn't be able to be hypnotized...but as it turns out, it's just another way to enter a deep meditative space and it was very enjoyable and productive."

Hypnotherapy of The Sun

Jaime D. - Destroying a sense of isolation

     "Farzin is an excellent hypnotherapist, very skilled in the art and science.  His knowledge of hypnotherapy runs deep.  I was having problems with connection and relatability.  After he put me in trance, Farzin took me back to traumatic experiences of my past where I felt them, reconstructed them, and healed from their traumatic impacts.  I am able to connect now with my inner child, which allows me to connect with others. The sense of isolation I had is gone. Farzin is a very loving soul who gave me so very much. I highly recommend him."

Lori K. - Becoming Aware of Intuition

     "I was struggling with getting in touch with my emotions and follow by intuition. I live in my head most of the time, and when strong emotions show up, I would get overwhelmed by them, and have a hard time figuring out if I should act on those emotions or just let them go by. I was hoping that hypnotherapy might help me follow my heart, and put more stake in my emotions without allowing them to "take over" my life. But, I also didn't want to only follow my head...rational thought is helpful, but we also need to consider what our gut is telling us.

     I felt like I was always fighting an internal battle between what I "felt was the right thing to do in my heart" vs "what was the rational things to do". Since I was a kid, I was taught to make decisions based on rational thought, so I surpassed the value of my emotions, and ended up losing touch with them. My life was full when seen from the outside, but on the inside I struggled much of the time.

     I found hypnotherapy to be a gentle but powerful way of really digging deep inside myself to learn more about why I struggled with this issues. Farzin took the time to really find out what I was struggling with through multiple conversations, and guided questions. He then constructed hypnosis scripts based on what I shared, but added the hypnotherapy twist and subtle elements. He guided me through these sessions through deep relaxation. It felt more like deep meditation, not what I expected, but more effective. I didn't feel like I was "under a spell", I always felt alert but deeply relaxed and because Farzin used my own words combined with his expertise, the sessions felt very comforting and familiar.

     As mentioned above, I am more of my authentic self. I am not nearly as hard on myself or self-critical over seemingly mundane things. And if I am, I can immediately catch those self-defeating and limiting thought patterns. 

     ANYTHING is possible. Nothing is limited or set in stone. It is merely a matter of belief and disciplined adherence to empowering belief systems. This is hypnosis.

     You WILL experience change. Have no expectations, however. Just trust the process and ALLOW the work to take place as you engage in practices, specific to your unique hypnosis work, which Farzin will help you develop. 

     Farzin, thank you for helping me unlock another aspect of myself."

NarayanA D. - Self & Life Improvement

     "I had just moved somewhere where I knew very few people with an expectation to easily merge into a social network. It proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated, which prompted me to attempt to wrap my head around what was hanging me up and intellectualize the emotions associated with life failing to reach my expectations. This intellectual pursuit posed some existential problems, was doing more harm than good and became quite miserable.

     When the suggestion of trying hypnotherapy was presented to me I was intrigued and also skeptical. I began to do a little research and discovered that hypnotherapy is actually a science backed by other sciences, I.E. neuroplasticity. My mind became more open to the idea of trying hypnotherapy to get some freedom from my analytical tendencies, to allow me to just be and feel more natural in any situation that I would find myself throughout the day.

     I found the preliminary work done with my hypnotherapist to be quite interesting. On one hand it was very easy and comfortable to chat with him about the subjects in my life I wanted to address. On the other hand I found it somewhat difficult to provide him with a clear picture of what I wanted my life to look like after the hypnotherapy session, which in itself was a huge eye opening experience for me.

     Changes that I see in myself is that I can meditate freely without feeling any blockages,  to the point where my own abilities came out as well,  such as astral projections, getting more in touch with intuition in order to overcome life's circumstances and to provide healing for myself and others around me, since I am now taking reiki courses I felt like the hypnosis and reiki courses went had in hand. On the astral projection part,  I don't mean to alarm anyone, it's just something I learned how to do on my own when I'm not feeling blocked while meditating. however, I liked how the hypnotherapist was there to guide me with that and provide advice like "not to fly too high" while meditating or not to go too over the board while meditating.

     The way my life is now since I've been taking hypnotherapy is that I can meditate freely which is great, I feel self-empowered where I can stand up myself more, I don't feel blocked when I meditate I can meditate more freely, I feel more energized, and yes there are times where I do feel stressed however I can handle situations in a more calm full manner and not let other stop me from sticking up for myself through life's situations.  And because now that I can meditate freely I can now be more spiritual!!! which is great. Yes, I was spiritual before but now that I can meditate and practice without blockages, it just feels way better!!!

     Honestly, I feel more energized overall, and happy, and more free to be myself spirituality-wise and everyday life situation-wise as well. I also see myself continuing with the hypnosis that was provided for me and the affirmation, and the rest of the tools that were provided for me to use as well. I don't think I want to stop. I loved the hypnosis guided meditation because it's tailored to me and my needs, I can achieve a lot more with that particular mediation than with any other guided meditations. I find it to be extremely fun and fantastic to listen to, engage in and participate in the meditation, and the self-empowerment provided in the hypnotherapy sessions was extremely awesome!!!! Sometimes I felt like I was read like an open book by my hypnotherapist because he was that accurate and on point with things which is great!!!

     To anyone who is thinking about taking a hypnotherapy session from Farzin I would say don't think twice just go for it see and what's it's like for your own self, I would say religion, age,  and ethnicity doesn't matter, he's really understanding and caring about the individual's needs and he would help you achieve your goals. what I loved the most is that he was really caring, and I enjoyed the zoom sessions very much as well as the conversations over the phone.

     Would highly recommend Farzin to be your Hypnotherapist!!!!!!"

​     The changes, transformations, healings, and empowerments I experienced through the process is I lost 13 pounds in 30 days. I also healed by forgetting all the past pains that were in me from childhood. I healed by forgiving everyone for all the pain they caused me. I practiced grace and forgiveness. I also got to meet new people in my life. I am comfortable now doing a presentation in front of huge crowds and new people. I am ready and comfortable for moving to northern California to continue my studies in person and make that place my new home as well. I also forgot the affirmation at first that I was weak and now my affirmation is I am at peace with how strong I really am.

     In relation to my reasons for taking on hypnotherapy my life is going great now. I am meeting new people in my life. I am giving speeches on zoom in front of a lot of people and I feel comfortable doing that now. I am continuing my healthy diet and focusing on my exercise and I have dropped 13 pounds in 30 days my next goal is 8 pounds in the next 4 weeks. I am moving to northern California making that my new home and I cant wait to move there and start a new life. I got rid of the fear sleeping in the dark because of the advice you gave me Farzin jan. I am at peace with how strong I really am. I am living a peaceful happy life filled with plenty of love. I have continued practicing forgiveness and getting along with everyone really well.

     What I see is possible for me now in the future since I took hypnotherapy I see that if I put in all the work that I had to do during those 30 days I will improve even more. Nothing is impossible as I learned from this. It is all the persons willingness to change to work on one self. I see that if I find my other supportive behalf the person who will be by my side will be a great adventure as well. After hypnotherapy I felt like I need to meet my significant other and I feel that comfort now while I was never ready for a relationship because of the reasons I took hypnotherapy. Now I feel ready to start a new life if I meet the right person and I see it is possible for me to work on my weight loss goal in one year. As me and you planned by October 2023 I shall be 175 pounds and nothing is impossible. That is my goal and I will reach to it. I will move to northern California graduating my joint bachelors masters degree getting the job that I dream of having in the finance industry and I am sure these are all possible since I have taken on hypnotherapy for the issues in the beginning.

     What I can say to anyone who is thinking about taking on hypnotherapy and working with you as a hypnotherapist I would say the following. I took on hypnotherapy and I am at peace with how strong I really am. Working with Farzin has been a pleasure a wonderful opportunity in my life. Farzin understood me each step of the way. He guided me he thought me more about the background to hypnotherapy and he helped me understood what the main purpose of hypnotherapy is. To me it means to be in a conscious state and to put aside the old language and memories and to start new language and new memories that will lead you to a successful and bright future. To me Farzin is an angel a best friend a relative now. He was talking to me each step of the way if I needed to message him he helps in any instant he gets back to you at any minute he will find free time. The way Farzin projects the hypnotherapy and the
way the client receives the hypnotherapy is such a great feeling. I give Farzin 10 stars and even more if I could. Farzin jan thank you for everything.

     Yes, I have final words for you Farzin Jan. Thank you so much for everything. I wish that I can keep in contact with you not only as my hypnotherapist but as our family friend. I would like to have you over as a Iranian brother as a guest to Socal in the future. I hope that when I graduate you will accept my invitation to my graduation party and I will be able to thank you for being a part in my life and I will be able to thank you for this support in this journey. I will be glad to update you on my improvements and my weight loss and my future goals as well. I hope that I will have you as a person seeing my journey and my dreams as well. Farzin jan, you became not only my hypnotherapist but a brother for me and my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What you have done for me will never be forgotten.

     I appreciate all the help and support thank you again."